Hi Thanks for stoping by At the ZandPG wiki.

You are looking at the page about me Max Askew or Darkmoon3009 Whatever you want to call me.

Anyway this page is Going to give you a bit of info about me:

Why Did you join ZandPG?

I joined ZandPG because I Met Charlie on A server called DYLcraft,We started Talking and became mates.At that time chalire and Ryan were making the group. I Introduced Joe To charlie,And joe was instantly on ZandPG.After ZandPG got 28 Subscribers,They got rid of some people and got some new ones,I just hapened to be a new one.

What Ranking are you In ZandPG?

Well...Charlie And Ryan are the leaders.Joe and I are the Building And Demolition EXPERTS

What are your Hobbies?

I like to BMX, I have a We The People,Justice.I am not very good at BMXing. I love playing Video games And recording for Youtube.I like to play On my Ipod Touch. One word...Television.