Blobfish 1565953c

I have this for breakfast. Blobfish milkshake... mmmm

Hi Thanks for stoping by At the ZandPG wikia.

You are looking at the page about me Joe Doktor or Moop123 Whatever you want to call me.

Why did you join ZandPG ?:

Max introduced me to Charlie on a minecraft server called Dylcraft. Charlie and I made a few videos with each other and eventually started doing it every afternoon after school. ugh school...

What are your hobbies ?:

I skate a little (im not awesome but im alright :P). I play guitar most of the time and am extremly interested in music. I spend like 1-2 hours a day playing guitar and have been doing so for about just under 2 years. I have a cherry Gibson SG 310 and its VERY out of tune at the moment and i cant be bothered to re-tune it... Thanks god my brother left his old acoustic before he left to go to London.