Why Did you join ZandPG?

Well... All I wanted to do Was make vids for people so i joined my mate Liam (phantomx98) and we made a thumb|293px|right|Update and OUR YOUTUBE!!!!!channel called ~ThePartyOfThePhantoms~ then I left because we made no vids together. so me and my ryan (Zombex2012) made one called ZandPG (ZombexandPurple_Gecko) but then we meet 3 people who are very inportent in our life to day thats Joe (Moop123) Max (darkmoon3009) Harry (hazzman3). I Met Max First, on DYLcraft and Then Joe and harry Joined the ZandPG Crew. Later on max Joined so thats 5 of us then my mates all posted requests on the web site thats "Lime2kewl (mark) RobinTheKayOh (Robin) logicfox (Logic) kathran556 (Kyle) that makes it 9 epic funny inportent members to the team and now at 40 subs it makes me feal like a family.

What Ranking are you In ZandPG?

Im one of the admins to the team and finder of ZandPG (Ryan thort of da name)

But other admins are Ryan (Zombex2012) and joe (Moop123) <----- congratz joe!!!!!!!

What are your Hobbies?

.I love love ,makeing vids with the team and other youtubers i also skate and i play games and all dat stuff :P

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These are when we record

Monday YES
Tuseday YES
Wensday YES
thersday YES
friday YES
saterday YES
sunday YES